Population, Policy, and Development

The demography science is commonly known as the “tool of analysis” which also includes techniques of demography. The techniques could be used to calculate and develop the demography indicators, such as; fertility, mortality, migration, population growth, marriage, age composition, labor force, and unemployment. Developing population indicators is crucial for estimating future projection especially for policy makers and development planner. It is also important for the monitoring and evaluation of the programs.

Lembaga Demografi Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Indonesia (LD FEB UI) offers trainings for population, policy and development, which cover:

  1. Introduction for Demography
  2. Demography Technique and Analysis
  3. Population Data Analysis
  4. Employment Data Analysis
  5. Population Projection
  6. Technique for Family Planning Costing
  7. Geographic Information System (GIS)


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