Selected Researches 2016-2019:

Lembaga Demografi FEB-UI

  • Economic Impact of GOJEK in Indonesia
  • Meaning, Satisfaction, and Well-Being of Partners of Go-Jek Indonesia
  • Evaluation of Vocational School Graduates in Labor Market
  • Demand of Workers: Vocational School Graduates
  • Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and People with Disability in Indonesia
  • SDGs and Human Rights
  • SDGs Achievement Indicators for the City of Depok
  • Background Study on Social Protection in Indonesia
  • Mapping of Government to Person (G2P) Social Assistance
  • Survey on Coffee Farmers
  • Land Use for Public Housing
  • Mapping of SMEs in DKI Jakarta
  • Survey on SME Accounts
  • Survey on Household Accounts
  • Nonpaying Members of BPJS Health
  • Roadmap for Tobacco Excise Policy